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Elena Asparohova is the Stena Faculty Chair of Finance at the the David Eccles School of Business. She received her doctorate degree in Social Sciences from the California Institute of Technology and her Masters in Statistics from Sofia University, Bulgaria. Prof. Asparouhova's research interests are in the area of theoretical and experimental financial economics. They include but are not confined to: the theory of asset pricing, experimental finance, general equilibrium theory, and econometrics. Her recent work has been centered on the effects of competition in financial markets under delegation and under asymmetric information, information percolation in dark markets, the role of perfect forecast in multi period markets, and market equilibration. She is also involved in experimental research on the interaction of humans and robots in financial markets. She is interested in using experimentation to test the theoretical predictions of standard models as well as to discover robust phenomena on which to build new theory where those models' predictions are known to be indeterminate. Her papers have received best paper awards at the Journal of Financial Markets and the Review of Finance. Her experimental research "Lucas in the Laboratory" was recently awarded the best paper at the Behavioral Finance and Capital Markets Conference in Australia. In addition, Prof. Asparouhova's research has been continuously funded by the National Science Foundation for the last ten years. If you have any questions about Prof. Asparouhova's research, please email her.



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  • University of Utah
    David Eccles School of Business
    1655 E. Campus Center Drive,
    Room SFEBB 7105 and BUC 202 (the latter being the more likely place to find me!)
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84112
  • Office: +(801) 587-3975
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Work in Progress:
  • •Detecting Preferences for Sources of Uncertainty in Financial Market Experiments, joint with S. H. Chew, S. Pevnitskaya, and J. Sagi.
  • •Public Goods Experiments in Bulgaria, joint with T. Palfrey.